Monday, November 8, 2010

Museum bust.....

We had not been to the Art Museum since I was pregnant with the twins so we decided to head over a few weeks ago. What a bust! We went in, were greeted with smiles and well wishes, and sent on our way. We got upstairs and went into the first room. Good so far. Rachel got to draw a picture of our cat, Stubby, in a book (while we were in a room about pets).

Then we headed into the next room and it was a strange array of items.

because who DOESNT keep their duck checkers with their horse?

then we move onto the next room. Correction....the LAST room. Wha? Turns out the museum was almost completely closed off for construction. And the huge room was filled with.....

God. It was a page by page showing of a cartoon bible. The end.

SOOOOO, we headed over to the Conservatory park for some fun.

Silly bug

Rob and I always divide and concur with the twins. I had a wondering Maddy but check out this tree she found. I had Rachel come back and look at it.


Rob being silly...

Ended up being a great afternoon :)


  1. ok i love these pics. ESPECIALLY the first ones. swoon.

  2. Love the last pic with Rob... and coolest tree EVER!

  3. i love that rubber duckie chees...brilliant!