Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Its been a while.....

I HAVE been taking my photo a day but I have been WAY to busy to keep up with my posting. Im almost caught up on my work and will be posting asap. In the mean time here is a shot I took last week that fits the IHFs heart theme perfect.

head over to IHF to see more and tone in for day to day photos from me in the near future!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Then & Now 'sessions'

I purchased my DLSR a year ago next week. This blog is just about my progression through shooting sessions. I will do another blog later of my snapshot progression. Prepare to be amazed. lol

And one taken this week.

Day 9

Getting ready to leave for Grandma and Grampa's house

More of Ks new smile...LOVE

Grandma pulled out the potato heads.

Of course the glasses went straight to Ks face with Maddys help.

Then I tried to get a group shot. Fail. This was the best. hahahaha

Maddy stuck it out though...

Oh, and since her Christmas tree was still up....

Then, while Elisa and I were in the back room Rob let the girls go crazy. I came out to this:

Good thing Rachel was wearing her suck up shirt.

And then it was time for desert. DISASTER. The girls had pulled out some old recipes and I opened it up and saw a recipe for hot fudge sunday cake you make in the microwave. Sounded worth a shot. Wrong, oh so wrong. I was like chocolate boogers. On the up side the twins LOVED it.

Day 8 part 2

Maddys first pigtails deserve their own post!

And for fun here is a side by side of Maddy, Rachel and Kennedy

Day 8

Train show. Rob told me last year what a GREAT time and he Rachel had so I said we should all go this time. Jokes on me. Dusty trains, germs, boring booths and 1 Thomas train later we were done. We did go over to the North market for a great lunch so I still call it a win!

Ks new smile....

Cool mini town..

My sister used to work for Conrail so this is for her.....

And the grand finally...the HUGE (tiny) FREE (so the line was a mile long)THOMAS RIDE!!! You get shoved in with too many kids and go around once. woohoo

She sees me...

She did just see me...right? Right? Yea, when she gets up to me THIS is what I get. Well, at least Lila looked. lol

Oh and on the way out we saw a lego town. Rachel was VERY excited. Rob too.