Saturday, November 6, 2010

More from the park....

Probably the last time we go play at the park for the year so I decided to take some photos.

You cant really tell from the photo but the girls LOVE the shakey bridge.

Rachel learned a new swing trick this year...

Maddy was hanging out on the bench..

Kennedy loves handing you pieces of mulch.

Man, my girls have gotten so big!


  1. they are so gorgeous, Pam!

    and Kennedy and Joshua would be best friends, b/c he also loves handing us pieces of mulch... along with things he finds on the floor/ground. :)

  2. That is Kennedy all the way. ANYTHING she should not have she finds and then hands it to me. lol

  3. They are such big girls! I remember rachel being a little baby sticking her tongue out all the time.

  4. I know! Maddy does it now. Her tongue is forever out.