Monday, January 4, 2010

Rachelisms take two....

We had all been sick for the past week and we are finally all better or so I thought. I went into her room this morning after being paged with her usual "come wake me up". She says she wants Maddy and I to lay down with her for a minute. Sure why not and as we are laying there we have this conversation.....

Me "I'm so glad to see you are feeling all better"
Her "just a little bit, a wee little bit"
Me "HUH?"
Her "I'm feeling mostly better but have a wee little bit of sickness left in me"
Me "Oh no...and where is it?"
Her "in my toesies, a itty bitty baby amount in my toesies. Isnt it sad"

She sure knows how to put a smile on her mommys face!

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