Saturday, January 2, 2010

6 months ago today....

Madison and Kennedy entered the world. My how they have grown. Maddy was 6lbs 15oz and Kennedy was 5lbs 8oz. I cant wait to see how big they are at their next apt (Jan 8th).

Madison, sweet are a joy. You came out swollen and bruised, you have had allergy issues and more. You have seen more doctors in your short life then is necessary but yet you take it all in stride. You are quick to put a smile back on your face and in turn everyone around you. You are a sweet soul and I hope you remain that way always. You have become more active the past few days and I love seeing the new changes. You are sitting so well now. The rolling under the Chirstmas tree has to stop though or you will give your mommy a heart attack. I am so glad you are eating the sweet peas without a reaction and I cant wait to try new foods.

Kennedy my dear....I fear you are to much like your mother. You had me going in circles before you were even born. Your personality has remained the same. You never sit still. Early to roll, early to sit and now you think you should be able to crawl. You have also found your voice and a very high pitched voice at that. You keep me on my toes but I would not have it any other way. You have a smile you reserve just for me. It melts my heart every time.

You have both added joy and happiness to a already rich life. I am honored to be your mother. Honored to have been blessed with having your daddy in my life. Honored to have not only been blessed with you but with Rachel as well. I have been given more then I could ever dream and I promise you that I will work harder then anyone has ever worked to deserve the gifts that have been given to me. And that is what you are. Gifts.

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