Sunday, December 27, 2009

Sickness has struck.......

the Pyles house once again. I woke up with what I 'think' is a head cold. But it may be more of a sinus infection. Rob, the gem that he is, let me feed the girls and then go back to sleep. I got up for the day at 12 and was feeling better but still feeling a bit off. Im hoping when I wake tom it will hae all been a bad dream and the girls do NOT get sick. Sick babies brake my heart.

In other news K and M have been 'talking' to each other all day. It more of fun filled squeaks and squeals but cute none the less. We have decided to trade Kennedy's nickname "kenny bug" in for a new one. She will now be know as "kenny monster". A well earned title if I do say so myslef.

Oh, and Kenny monster has been sitting full time for 3ish days now. Its so fun to see this itty bitty screecher sitting there trying to reach toys. If it is out of her reach she will knock herself down to get it and the best part is that she tries to sit back up. She props her arms up, bens and lifts her torso and right leg and doesnt understand why she is nto sitting again.

Best news of the day so far is that M is sitting now as well. She had been trying for a while now and doing good for a minute at a time but today she sat with K and playing with her new peek a boo toy. It so great to watch them grow.

Next step is making baby food.........wish me luck!

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