Saturday, December 26, 2009

Let the fun begin......

I find myself forgetting wonderfully funny things my girls do and say each and every day and I am hoping this will give me a outlet to write them down. Not to mention a way to keep all of our friends and family in touch with what goes on in the Pyles house.

Christmas was a success......Madison and Kennedy got everything they didn't know they wanted and Rachel must have been a VERY good girl because Santa brought her the swan castle she asked him for. After opening all of her presents she says "Santa sure has been good to me". He was indeed!

Only sliiiiiight mishap for the day was the lack of real food in our house. I had bought pancakes and blueberries for Rob and Rachel. Its a family tradition Rob grow up with and Im happy to continue. I am on a egg free diet because of Maddy so I had a plain bagel with ham and cheese. So far so good right? Well, for lunch we had tamales and spanish rice. Good food but not very Christmassy but still better then what dinner was............burnt, yes burnt, fish sticks and tator tots for dinner. hahahaha

Im thinking next year we need to plan a little further in advance. In my defense I had cooked a traditional Christmas dinner the night before at the inlaws.

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