Wednesday, January 5, 2011


**warning** the number of photos in this post are out of control.


And just because everyone thinks the girls are so trained that they stay put for photos here is what 90% of my photos are...

them chasing me to see IN the camera. lol

I went down to snap a couple shots of the work we (mostly Rob) are doing in the basement while Rob was working out and of course I spotted Daddy's little sidekick..

When I walk up the steps I hear giggling....cant be good. Little stinkers had gotten into the bathroom.


Then when Rachel came up for snack I made her take her dirty pants off. She shows up in the kitchen dressed like this... I guess a hat is all you need to keep warm. **made by pin :)

and proceeded to do a 'hat dance'.

While in the kitchen I started taking down the X-mas cards so I snapped a shot of Christmas love...

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