Thursday, January 13, 2011

Day 9

Getting ready to leave for Grandma and Grampa's house

More of Ks new smile...LOVE

Grandma pulled out the potato heads.

Of course the glasses went straight to Ks face with Maddys help.

Then I tried to get a group shot. Fail. This was the best. hahahaha

Maddy stuck it out though...

Oh, and since her Christmas tree was still up....

Then, while Elisa and I were in the back room Rob let the girls go crazy. I came out to this:

Good thing Rachel was wearing her suck up shirt.

And then it was time for desert. DISASTER. The girls had pulled out some old recipes and I opened it up and saw a recipe for hot fudge sunday cake you make in the microwave. Sounded worth a shot. Wrong, oh so wrong. I was like chocolate boogers. On the up side the twins LOVED it.


  1. MMMMMMMM chocolate boogers sounds so good! NOT!

  2. that second to last picture = utterly adorable! (they're all precious, but i love that one the most for some reason)