Monday, December 27, 2010

New Year Resolution.....

I started out strong this year blogging daily and then life got in the way. Well, rather work got in the way. I have to decided to bring my photography back to its roots. My love of photographing my beautiful girls.

I am hoping to take part in a 360ish. lol Already setting myself up for failure, I know, BUT I know there will be moments of forgetfulness. I hope to get a shot of all of my girls each day. I think this will help me get back into taking shots of my girls day to day life. Which means....more to post on here. Are you excited? I am!!

As this year ends I realize how lucky I am. Even as I sit here next to Rachel, who has been puking all night, i know I am blessed. Blessed to have my husband. Blessed to have my children. Just...blessed. THank you all for stepping into my family this year. I hope I can share with even more with you in 2011.

Oh, and there are so many photos I want to share with you from the past 2 months so stay tunned for some late halloween photos, parties we have gone to and fun we have had. Better late then never right?


  1. i'm excited to see more pictures of your girls! i don't know how you do it all! i can't even keep up a blog with one baby!

  2. I can't wait to see more of your girls. Not that I haven't loved your professional work (I LOVE IT), but I love seeing your girls. Here's to 2011!