Saturday, September 11, 2010

Preschool time!

Rachel started preschool last week. Eeeeek. I was so nervous and she was so excited. We have never left her anywhere other then Grandmas and even that was only 2 times. I was so proud as we pulled up to the school that I was not crying my eyes out. I got her out of the car and we walked inside. There is a routine we were told to do every morning for a easier transition. She has to put her snack bag in the box, hang up her backpack (thanks to Dora I have been informed that it is NOT a book bag) then go to the circle rug to answer the question of the day. I went through all of the steps with Rachel ahead of time so she would know that after the question was time for mommy to leave. So we get through the question and my big girl turns to me and says "Love you Mommy, I'll miss you. Bye."

She dismissed me. Im on the verge of a panic attack and she is ready for me to be gone. Sheesh. She leaned in for a hug and that is when the sting of tears came but I held back. I mean, who is the adult here right?

Long story, well, long.....she LOVED school and was sad to leave at the end of the day. Here are some photos from the drop off. Sorry about the quality, I was wrangling a baby while snapping away. :)

Oh, and the best shot of the trying to get a shot of the 2 of us right before I left. Fail, and I love it! She looks stunning. Look at my face can see I have hives. I was freaking out on the inside. lol


  1. what a big girl! and rachel did a great job too! :)

  2. she looks so gorgeous in those photos! i don't even want to think about when i'll have to send joshua to preschool!

  3. Awww, glad it all went well. I can't imagine when my little ones start preschool, hives here I come!

  4. She is so gorgeous - and congrats on being a trendy treehouse finalist. I knew those girls immediately!

  5. Hi Pam,

    Found you listed on a Blog Hop list. Wow, what wonderful photographs! I'm sure Rachel will always cherish that photo collage of her first day of pre-school. They grow up so fast! You also have great pictures of your twins - so colorful. Your children are so photogenic. God bless.