Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Photos from the dungeon.....

My in-laws house is kept SO dark that I can never get a salvageable photo. Finally with the help of my new speedlite and lens, that my DH was sweet enough to get me for our anniversary, I dont have to miss anymore special moments. woohoo

Grandma and Grandpa...

A tradition in the making. Every time we go Rachel makes Grandma go though all of her snow globes and play each one. Here the twins are getting in on the action...

**please note that Rachel dressed herself. She felt that Grandma NEEDED to see her twirl in her dress. Cold be damned.

M&K love playing at the table. Can you say tea party?

Rachel loves going...

Oh, and I have to add one of Maddy eating scrambled eggs for the first time. She LOVES them!!


  1. Pam they're gorgeous... as usual! The girls are getting so big! YAY FOR EGGS!

  2. AMAZING! That looks like beautiful natural light! If I you hadn't have called their home a dungeon ( ;) lol...I say that jokingly and in the nicest way!), I'd guess they had a wall of windows.

    Perhaps a speedlite will make it's way onto my Christmas list!

  3. Your photos are amazing. What's your gear?

    Thanks for the follow, I am following back.

    Have a brilliant week. xxx

  4. Thanks so much.

    I call it a dungeon because my FIL refuses to let anyone turn on the lights. He has a light sensitivity. Its well known and joked about.

    I have a T1i, 30mm 1.4, 50mm 1.8, 18-55 kit that is never used and the 430ex II speedlite.

    The speedlite and 30 are my new toys.

  5. LOL Hey - I saw your adorable cake photo made TT's top 10... it so deserved it!

  6. Gorgeous photographs :)

    I love the face of Rachel in the shot of her - soo happy :)

    Love them all :)

    Have a beautiful day..

    K xx

  7. GREAT photos Pam! I can't believe how big the girls are getting and they all look so happy and beautiful!