Monday, September 6, 2010

Leader of the pack....

I had to laugh. We took the girls on a bike ride last Saturday and stopped off at "the train park" as Rachel calls it. There were tons of giggling little girls there. Rachel was in heaven. I was taking a couple candids of M&K when I looked over and saw this...

I had to giggle. Just made me think of a little girl rat pack. They were very entertaining to watch. And since the play unit is yellow Ill linky up with the lovely Mellow Yellow Monday.....

Here is another of the pack of girls...

Of course M&K had to try it out stinking cute is this. Big girls.

I am always trying to get good shots of the girls on the swings. I LOVE this one of Rachel. Limb chop be damned!

Here is one of Rob with M&K. They were loving going down the slides but it was not letting them climb back up that was the hard part.

Here is one of Kennedy with just perfect lighting. To bad I only caught this one as she ran by.


  1. Cuteness overload!! :D Amazing shots - all of 'em!

  2. this makes my uterous hurt! so cute!

  3. amazing photos, Pam!! joshua loves those things that bounce around that your girls were sitting on. he also loves climbing up slides. :) what time of day was that photo taken? gorgeous lighting- and little girl of course!

  4. oh these adorable kids! they never fail to put some joy to everyone's heart.

  5. These are great shots - quite entertaining.

  6. Thank you!!

    Elizabeth, I took all of the photos between 6 and 7pm.

  7. Tristen said he wanted to take the babies. I asked if he knew who rachel was and he said yeah she's an angel. Love the photos!