Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I Heart Faces 'smirk'

I was trying to capture some shots of Rachel using flat lighting and her face made me think of this challenge.

Me: Rachel, can a get a few quick shots of you?


I can just hear the monologue in her head.....more pictures...always MORE pictures...ok, faster I do this the faster I can play....

followed out loud with: "I'll let you take 8 pictures and thats all"

When I ask her to smile she always does this:

head tilt, eyes almost closed with a funny face to boot.

So then I tell her to pick her head up and open her eyes and I get this:

bug eyes and a nice nostril flare.

So we try again with me making a joke...

almost but now she is not looking at me with a hint of nostril flare and hate in her smile. lol

So finally I make her say "pork chop sandwich" and I get this...

see, I didn't even need all 8 allotted photos. :P


  1. i love the story with pictures! she is so cute! i love the last one especially!

  2. She is just too cute! The first one cracks me up!

  3. What an excellent smirk. Il ove it!

  4. Great shots and the catch light in her eyes is perfect.

  5. Wow, she's adorable! My daughter does a similar routine when I ask to take her picture too.

  6. That is a really cool story. Her eyes are INSANE. She could teach Tyra a thing or two.