Thursday, August 19, 2010

She did it all for the kitty....

We were all having playtime in the girls playroom the other day and I took a few photos. Not the best technically but I love them........

Bug was up on the toy microwave

And then Rachel joined her

Rachel dressing up. Who doesn't wear goggles and a tutu in the summer?

Then out of nowhere Maddy attacked Rob. I have proof!

Rachel was 'hiding' but I got her with some tickles.

Maddy looking cute in the cowboy hat Daddy brought back form his last trip. Then of course K is sneaking in to take it!

Maddy getting some Daddy love.

She did it all for the kitty. Rotten!

Then to keep the bad choices rolling I caught her pulling stuff out of my diaper bag!


  1. That one with Rachel in the goggles is funny! Great shots.

  2. Oh, those girls are so CUTE! How do you stand it? I love the shots of K reaching in for the hat and Rachel hiding.

  3. You have such beautiful girls!

  4. These pictures are great. I love getting pictures of my kids interacting together, they're priceless!