Thursday, July 29, 2010

Maddy's surgery.....

I will update the blog with pictures from the past week later. This is more important!

Maddy went in for her tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy Monday morning. I had packed everything Sunday for the hospital stay. We got up and 6:30am Monday and loaded the car up. Then we woke Rachel and got her dressed. Last we got the babies and put them right in the car. We dropped Rachel of at my friend, Christine's, house (thank you again!) and were at the hospital by 8am.

Maddy and I were called back while Rob sat with Bug. They did all of the preliminary work and then let Rob and Kenny Bug come back for a few minutes before they took her for surgery. They played in the crib/cage for a few minutes and then it was time. I was able to carry her right to the doors of the OR. We all walked together. I smiled, we both hugged her and then she was gone. Lord, it broke my heart.

Luckily we did not have to wait long. The doctor came out after 35ish minutes and told us it had gone well. Dr hart said that her nasal airway had been completely blocked. Poor thing. She said that she had to leave a little bit of the adenoids or risk Maddy being a nose talker. They were taking her to the wake up room and so we had to wait longer.

Finally they came out and told us that she had a room now and sent us up. I was so excited to see her. I turned the corner into her room and it was empty. I panicked. What had gone wrong..she was supposed to be here. Rob of course is giving me the "your crazy' face and then the nurse comes in to let us know Maddy will be up soon. Lord, I was crazy. lol

They wheel her up to the room and she was high as a kite laying there on her belly not knowing WHAT the heck was going on. They picked her up and she came right to me. Seeing and holding her made everything ok again. Within 5 mins she was BFing like a champ. Then next 24hours was pretty much the same. I fed her constantly to keep her fluids up and we held her at other times to keep her calm.

Kennedy did such a great job. She had to be there with us all day so I could feed her so Rob and I took turns leaving the room with her so she could play.

Here are some pictures from the day:

playing before she went in for surgery....

Right after she got back from surgery....

Here she is starting to feel a little more like herself....trouble!

This face sums up how Kennedy felt about the day...

And here we are getting up Tuesday and getting ready to come home!

iv out...

And I thought this was the perfect shirt to wear home....


  1. Tues was a relaxing day at home and then Wens she woke with a fever. We took her to urgent care and they did some ex rays. They were worried pneumonia might be setting in so started her on a antibiotic. We are heading to the doctors this afternoon to make sure she is doing better.

  2. Aww :( Hope she feels better soon!

    She looked so cute in her hospital gown though! Great photos.

  3. I'm so glad everything turned out great. Your girls are getting so big!

  4. Awww....I'm glad everything is okay. Bless her little heart.

  5. Glad to hear she came through that surgery like a champ! I loved the photos and she totally rocked the hospital gown :)

  6. Poor babe! So sweet! Glad everything went well!

  7. Such sweet babies! So glad everything went great!!

  8. Poor Baby, beautiful photos. I am glad it went well.

  9. Pam, I teared up looking at your post-op photos -- I can't imagine how hard it must be to see your own kid go through that! I'm so glad the surgery went well. And I hope she's back at 100% (or better, now!) really soon!

  10. I just wanted to thank all of you for sending some love. She is doing much better today. All smiles and giggles. I'll have to try and get some shots.

  11. so glad to hear all is going well Pam. She is such a lovely little bug.

  12. I'm so glad she got through all that, and you guys did too! That must have been so hard.