Monday, July 12, 2010

Bumps, bruises, test and more

Madison and Kennedy had their 12 month check up on the 8th.

Kennedy stats: 19lbs 15oz / 29in Madison stats: 19lbs 9oz / 28.5in

Those stats amaze me. Kennedy was 1 1/2 lbs smaller then Maddy at birth. Just goes to show how much you can grow we you are eating and your sister is not.

While at the well visit I brought up Maddy congestion and breathing issues for what felt like the 400th time and Dr Simon said he wanted her to go over for a xray on her neck to see if her adenoids were enlarged. We also needed to get their blood work done. So after the 1 1/2 hours appt, stuck in a small room with 3 babies I loaded them up and headed over to the Close To Home down the road. We got in and had the xray and blood work done and then headed home.

First thing the next morning I get a call from the Dr Simons office and I knew something was wrong. Normally i would be calling them 2 days later only to find out the results were normal. They said her adenoids were HUGE and they were sending in a referral for Maddy to go to a ENT specialist. I asked what would happen next and they said most likely they would be removing the adenoids and the tonsils (since they are enlarged as well).

I was freaked at first but then Rob and I went into google mode and found out that this could 'fix' her. Her eating issues, breathing issues, constant congestion and runny nose would all be fixed. We had Maddys PT today and after speaking with her she thinks that the surgery will go a long way in getting her to be able to eat and breath at the same time. Im so excited and cant wait to get it done!

And of course some pictures to go along......

Then after a long day at the doctors then urgent care I thought we were about to got to the ER because as I was feeding Maddy I watched Kennedy fall and hit her chin. Then the blood came. Turned out when she hit her chin her bottom teeth cut into the gums on the roof of her mouth. Poor thing

And here is Rachel all worn out after all the "doctoring" was done....


  1. Poor thing!! I hope this makes her feel better, at least, but still. Poor thing!

  2. I know! I hate to think that she has to get put under but lord, if it helps her breath and eat Im all for it.