Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Tomorrow is the day we'll get all the answers, right?

Madison goes into the hospital tomorrow for her full eval. She will be seen by 5 specialists. One of them will get her on track with. I can feel it. Since her last eval the 25th of last month she has gone from NO food intake to feeding herself certain finger foods. She will eat cheese, turkey, gerber fruit bars, fruit strips, hotdog (sometimes), puffs, mini goldfish, french fries (no judging.....if you cant get you baby to eat you will try anything!), PB&J, did I mention french fries, hamber and I think that is about it.

When she does feed herself she still tends to loose a lot out of her mouth. She has started compensating by pushing her food in with her finger and hold the finger there while she is chewing. She will still not let me feed her any food. Nothing from a spoon or fork. We are still having sippy cup issues as well. She will not drink out of them for more then a gulp and then that pours out of the mouth. I cant wean until that is under control of course.

I was told that she may have 'trunk' issues causing part of her eating issues and I can deff she that she does not have the trunk support she should at almost a year. Im hoping I learn some things to do with her tom to work on like I have been working with food.

Fingers crossed for a all knowing appt tom. In all reality I realize I will most likely walk out of there disappointed like I did last month. They didnt tell me anything last time that I was not already doing. Then asked if I wanted to start her in therapy, ahhh...duh!, so she says Im now on a waiting list. Still have not gotten a call. asshats!

In other news, my MIL and her SIL are coming to the house tom. Which means I need to clean clean clean because she will want a tour of the new house. ugh.

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