Friday, June 25, 2010

"A HUGE leap....

forward in Madison's development"

Thats right! The doctors were very happy with her progress from last month. Make me feel a bit better about my constant badgering of my poor baby trying to get her to eat.

They still have concerns of course but thankfully she is eating some food now. Her tongue is still not functioning as it should but she has started using her fingers to 'help' keep the food in. Her weight is still hovering and dropped a tiny bit from the week before. They are not concerned at this moment but if she is lower at her one year appt then I have to go back to the nutritionist and talk about getting more calleries into her. The biggest thing they realized is that she is not breathing while eating baby food or drinking from a sippy. They are not sure WHY she cant breath with her moth closed but that is something that we have to look into now.

On the upside......did I mention she IS eating some food now? lol Really though...they were happy with the progress she has made and we start weekly therapy sessions on Monday.

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  1. Glad she is finally starting to eat! The whole not breathing while eating and drinking is odd, I hope they can figure that out soon, though, it sounds kind of scary! Hooray for steps in the right direction, Madison